hella lame

had plans to hang out with helen and natalie today. but noo they fell through. thanks to helen who didnt call me to let me know wtf was going on. she needs to just think sometimes.

i really needed to get out of the house and have fun to.

im hanging out with amanda on wednesday. im excited. i havent hung out with her in the longest time.


soo i would have to say this was the second worst xmas ever.

dont ask.

im most likely getting my lip periced tomorrow with helen and natalie and then ill probably get kicked out of my house, go me!
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last night was amazing.
me, oren, andy, and jon.
as i lay dying show. wow they were sooo fucking amazing. they sound better then they do on the records. they are such talented musicians, its crazzy.
norma jean was good. i just cant really enjoy them with the new singer though. i miss josh. but im glad they played mostly old nj stuff.
madball was eh, a life once lost was pretty cool.
by the end of the show i was pretty wet.
then after we went and drove around then kicked it outside of my house.
partyin a bit.

mmm i love oren and his friends. they are cool kids.

i need to make some plans for break, so come on kids hit me and we can chill!
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throw this x up!

such an amazing night!

natalie just shows up at my house, and i didnt even know she was coming, at like 5. such a fabulous surprise! we hung out at my pad for a couple hours. natalie tried to play the keyboards, which was very very amusing. then we just hung out and fooled around on my bed. we hooked up! so i am the happiest person alive at the moment :-) thenn we went to the 99cent store to get her mom electrical cords haha. natalie made such a scene. i dont think well ever be allowed back. then we went to in n out and went back to my place.

i really like this girl.i like her alot.

ive been sick all week with bronchitis. i didnt even go to school one day haha. so thats a plus. bummer is i couldnt go to the fftl show. but its all good.

monday night the best show at the cobalt ever!! old fashion knife fight, said the gun to the girl, they murdered miracles, and runfasterscared. EVERYONE GOOOOO!

as i lay dying and norma jean on wednesday. i amm bloody stoked.


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ive had my lj since December 30, 2003!!!

almost two years, that is soo crazy.

i think its time to make a new one. dont you?


i am soo sick.
i have bronchitis.
i have almost a 104 fever.
so i dont think ill be at school tmorrow.

in case of fire

i went snowboarding yesterday. my first time ever, and even to the snow!
it was a lot of fun but it hurt like hell!
i wiped out pretty bad once, got the wind knocked out of me.
my whole body aches and i have a bruise on my side. on top of it all im sick as fuck and i dont know if im going to school tomorrow.

fftl show on wednesday, i hope my mom lets me go. ive got my ticket and everything already.

hope everyone had an awsome weekend.
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new schools....

So today was the first day i visited North Hills Prep. Interesting experience...

I ended up seeing Chris and Devin who i havent seen in the longest time ever. I didnt even know they went to that school.

It was cute, Devin gave me the grand tour and showed me all the kids i should and should not talk to. theres like a 100 kids in the whole school man.

Needless to say, by 4th period this guy was telling me that there are all ready rumors about me and everyone has all these assumption of me. All he said was that apparently everyone says im an "emo" kid or something and that im a lesbian haha. Im sure there is more to that, but he failed to say.

Then at like lunch kids are telling me that there is this chick who likes me and wants to get with me or something. These two chicks come up to me telling me that she said " shes going to be all over me" or some weird shit, and to just basically stay away from her haha. Then after that the girl who likes me comes over and is asking if these chicks came up to me and what they said. And then she asks if im bi, then she says she does like me, and shit. I personally dont really find this girl attractive, shes okay. But i have a heart so i said that im flattered she likes me and that i think shes pretty cute herself.During our conversation when she says she likes me, im like " well im so hott how could you not!" and shes like yeah you really are. and then says that all the girls who are into chicks like want to get with me, want to date me, or like think im hott. crazy shit!!!

its sad, there are no hott girls or chicks in that school really.

Im sick of people assuming all these things about me before even knowing me. i guess by the way i look people think im mean or threatening. but that is not the case at all. im seriously one of the nicest people you could know and i hate violence.

The point of this I guess is that people need to stop judging people before they get to know someone, or just try not to make such harsh accusations.We all do it, I do it all the time, but I think this world could be better if we just tried to cut down on it. We all need to be more excepting.
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strawberries and flowers

Saturday me, helen, and cindy went to eat at cpk for dinner. we each bought a bad ass hello kitty wallet. we have a club now that is only of hello kitty wallet cool kids. and NO you cant join. then we ventured over to the amc to originally take pictures but then the photo booth shit was broken so we just hung around there for a while.cindy got hit on by these two like 12 yr old gangster kids haha. i saw larry and the russian/persian crew haha.

Sunday i went shoppin with my mom. i bought penguin pj pants and penguin boxers. most amazing things ever.
Then helen and jimmy came to my place. while we waited for natalie and ricky to pick us up we played word games haha. we own. then we went to the cobalt to see jimmys friends band. there was NO ONE there so we couldnt sneak in and we didnt want to pay to get in. so we just stood out side waiting for his friends. chris and andrew were there, nice treat to see them.then helen and jimmy came back to my house. i made them pasta!

today and tomorrow im going to north hills prep to see if i like it enough to go there in january. wish me luck!
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